Power of Positive Vibes

Don't end-up like the poor guy Peter sick and miserable because of negative attitude! Remember always that this is not the life you deserve, and you can change it, you still have time to make things happen, use the hard moments to learn lessons and improve your life, don't get stuck in your negative thoughts, look ahead and move forward.

If you don't, start by surrounding yourself with a positive attitude for a better, healthier life. Try it and you will see a big change. Don't think your life will change on its own if you don't work on yourself.

Don't wait for change, but be the change you want to see, start from within, you have a lot to review, correct, and improve. Once again you still have time to make changes on yourself- same.

We all go through a difficult time in life, where our energy runs out, we lose hope, our fear explodes, depression takes its place and we start to retreat in ourselves and choose solitude rather than face our struggles.

This is not the best solution ever. By doing this you're losing confidence and basically destroying yourself. You have to learn how to heal and stand up again, life isn't yet finished, and you still need to fight for it, and you should gain the battle.

The positive attitude let you see things in a different way, boost your energy, heighten your inner strength and garner you the fortitude to face difficult challenges.

According to scientific research, positive thinking can increase your lifespan, decrease depression, reduce levels of distress, provide greater resistance to the common cold, offer better psychological and physical well-being, reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, and enable you to cope better during hardships and times of stress.

To do that, you have always to look at the half-full side of the glass, think positively, appreciate and be nice with yourself, do things that make you happy like listening to mood booster music or go to the sea or to the nature, a place that make you feel calm and peaceful, read a book that inspires your imagination and surround yourself with positive people. Remember always, negative people bring only negativity!

I do think that the hard part to overcome this storm is to work on ourselves, and it is not always that easy to stay all the time positive, boosted with good mood, but we have to work harder, keep trying and never give up. 

If you want to achieve happiness, better health, stronger relationships, and continued success, you may not have to look any further than the mirror. Look at yourself in the mirror, and you will see another positive person who is ready to fight and change your life for the better. That person is only you, but you have always disregard him because you don't believe in yourself. Don't underestimate your inner power, you are capable of anything and all you need is confidence and determination.

Remember always that the happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

Don't lose hope and believe at any case!

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Lamia Bouhadjer
2 years ago

Always keep hope and stay strong !

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