Friends are not a matter of Quantity but Quality!

Having few friends is much better than having a hundred fake ones!

Keep in mind it's not the number of friends you have around you that counts, but their authenticity!

Do they truly love and care about you?
Are they supportive? Or are they manipulate and take advantage of you?

Maybe, you should start questioning yourself, and Choose your friends well!


  We, all, won't be alone and want to have friends that add value and joy to our lives.

With whom, we can open our hearts and share every detail about our life; secrets, struggles, plans, goals, and successes...
With whom, we can talk freely with no fear and boundaries.

With whom you can spend time teasing each other, laughing out loud from the heart without feeling weird and embarrassed.

Have you ever wondered if you really have any real friends?!!!!

   It's easy to have lots of friends, but it's hard to find real ones. A true friend is someone who really loves and cares about you, who accepts the way you are, and tries to get the best out of you. You may disagree on some things, but he never lets you down, he is always there for you, no matter what, he always has your back and defends you! If you have this person, you have a treasure, never lose it.

On the other hand, a fake friend won't encourage your choices, decisions, and will try in every way to question your capabilities and sow fear on you. He may show that he is happy for you, but deep down he is jealous and doesn't want you to be better than him. He may show how much he is caring and supporting you in front of people, but he talks trash behind your back with the intention to spread rumours, or try to change people perception about you. A fake friend won't be patient enough to support your fails, and will try to leave as soon as he finds himself on unfavourable situations.

 Dear, that's not your friend, but a toxic person you must get rid of!

If you're in a friendship where you're not feeling secure, listened to, fully supported and appreciated, maybe it's time to take a step back, think deeply and end that relationship gracefully!

              A healthy life starts with having real people around!

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